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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bad Blogger

I have been the worst "blogger" lately. I have just been feeling tired after my sister- in-laws visit and have been taking a few days to myself.  I have been looking on Pinterest a lot and gathering new decorating ideas for Autumn and Christmas. I love decorating for the holidays it just gets me into the season.  I am hoping to find some good stuff at the yard sales this weekend. There are a lot according to Craig's List. I am sad that the yard sale season will be over soon. I will use all that extra time for crafting and projects but I love treasure hunting it's so much fun.
On a different note, I NEED readers! I am feeling uninspired partially because I don't have many reading I am hoping to get some projects up ASAP so I can link them to bigger blogs and grow my audience.  If you  have any other thrifty friends that would be interested in reading my many ramblings and projects and DIY tutorials send them my way. I want this to be an interactive blog and not just a "I write and maybe someone reads it blog" I'll do my best to self promote hehe!
Thats all for now!!

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