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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saturday Sales

Hey Everyone,
Yesterday was Saturday which always means YARD SALES!! My mom in law and I go every Saturday just about.  We always enjoy finding new treasures for our homes. At the end of the yard sale season I plan to do a big post on all the things we have found for our homes. It is so much fun to get new things at a small price.  Yesterday, however we were on a mission for everything BABY since my sister in-law is due in November we were on a hunt to find her some great bargains for our newest family member. We did find a few things for ourselves but I didn't find any potential projects or housewares (BUMMER). Whenever I would see a potential project the price would be too high and no matter how great my negotiating skills they wouldn't come down on price :(. O'well maybe next week. I did however get some great clothing items.  If you are an avid yard saler you know that people give away stuff that is practically new it is just crazy to me.  I got 14 pieces of JCREW, Banana Republic, and Gap clothing for $5.  If you ever look on the inside white label on these clothing pieces from these stores you will see the collection and the year they came from, all of mine were from fall 10. That was a great find for me a girl always needs new brand name clothing. I am thrifty not rich but I love to always look great.  Additionally, I did find some vintage Samsonite to add to my luggage collection ($1.50 scored 3 pieces).  We found a lot of big items for my sister-in-law which included a double stroller for $30 plus an extra carseat for $5.  Lots of little onezies, socks, and tiny pants so cute! Well that concluded our Yard Sale Saturday! It wasn't the most eventful but we all came home with something :).

I will be working on my daughters toddler bed set that we got for FREE this week I will be taking lots of pictures and posting them also I will probably be doing a big post about it so watch out for that one it will be a goodie!

Have a great Sunday and if you are a first time visitor tell some friends about me I am new to blogging and need some readers! ;)

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