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Thursday, September 8, 2011


Hey Everyone! I want to welcome everyone to Everyday Thrift! I am so excited to write this new blog about everything DIY and turning old "treasures" into new beauties.
   I want to first introduce myself, my name is Amanda and I have a passion for being creative and saving money. In May we bought our first home and thrifting became a way of life for us. I had a whole house to furnish on a very small budget. Before we moved in I was couponing so we would have a stocked fridge and pantry which worked perfectly, best idea I've had in awhile. Then a week after we moved my mom in-law suggested going yard sales to find furniture then my whole world changed. I had been to yard sales before but mainly just for baby clothes but this time it was different I went specifically shopping for my new home. I never knew $60 could get you an SUV full of stuff from then on I have been addicted. My dad also gave us a great piece of unfinished furniture it was a dresser that needed a little work and finishing. You will read more about this project in my next post. Anyway I am very excited to have this new blog. I hope everyone enjoys reading. Be sure to tell your friends about me!!

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