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Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm Back...

Hey Everyone,
I am trying to get back into writing at least once a day. I have been really busy lately as always! I started the toddler bed I am happy to report that it is coming along nicely I have a whole idea for this "big girl" room now.  I am thinking grays, soft blues, pinks, yellows, and antique white. All pretty neutral but that makes it relaxing I don't like super bright colors it just doesn't go with my personality or my decorating style.  I like clean and crisp looks.  After a few days of painting the rails to the toddler bed and realizing I wasn't getting very far I had a bright idea I decided to spray paint the rails...amazingly enough air loom white by Rustolium and Innocence by Behr are a good match.  I actually don't really like Behr paint that much it was my first time using it and I am finding it very thin and not great coverage it makes me mad because paint is too expensive! One of these days I am going to order some Annie Sloan and be in paint heaven.  Oh and have I mentioned that I love love love Purdy brushes. They are absolutely amazing very much worth the price. I just bought a new brush and it is fabulous it makes everything look so smooth and not a lot of brush strokes. The bristles are very soft and when you wash them all the paint comes off and the bristles return to being very soft and easy to work with. I previously have tried cheaper brushes but they are throw aways you can't really ever use them again and the bristles are very hard and leave a lot of brush strokes. If you want a good brush go with Purdy they are amazing!

That's all for now have a great day!

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